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Service PURe

Hochleistung und Verantwortung – diesen Zielen sind wir verpflichtet.

Service PURe

Our close connection to the customer and steady presence – these are not just catchwords, but crucial factors in our work.

In all phases towards product maturity, aiming to develop the best-possible product, we provide advice and contribute our experience.

This intensity is the foundation of long-standing customer relationships which make us more than just a little bit proud.

  • Counselling

    We help making good things even better: through our counselling on the optimal design of the customer-owned tools.

  • Design

    Based on our expertise, we provide our advice during the design process – for example on the foaming process or the edge radius for low abrasion/wear to name just a few areas.

About Us

High performance and responsibility – we are committed to these goals.


A Universal Player: on land, in water and in the air – polyurethane foam accompanies people wherever they go.


A claim for which we stand and by which we are judged.

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