PUR Performance

We get foam in shape. As requested. Using the latest production methods. At highest quality. Simply PURe.


Our products are utilised in water and on land, and they are on a steep upswing in the air as well.


Gear shift levers and knobs, floor mats and pillion seats in agricultural machinery and forklift trucks, shock
and impact protection strips in special vehicles

Mechanical Engineering

An industry with unlimited applications for the material of virtually unlimited capabilities.

Furniture Manufacturers

Seat cushions, backrests, armrests and headrests made of flexible, cold or rigid foam - our products are present
in a wide range of applications.

Medical Technology

Housing parts and screens, usually made of rigid foam, for the manufacture of medical apparatus and devices
are an integral part of our programme.

Sport and Leisure

Seats and handles for elliptical cross trainers, flexible foam cushions for weight benches or various moulded parts
for camping accessories.


The development and the specification of the products are contributed by our customers.


A Universal Player: on land, in water and in the air – polyurethane foam accompanies people wherever they go.


A claim for which we stand and by which we are judged.


As early as 1997, we obtained certification according to the standards for a quality management system, currently in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.


We realise even the most difficult requests of our customers. Our products meet the strictest requirements in terms of quality and function.


It is self-evident to us that we have meet the strictest standards of all German and European environmental regulations.

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