It is evident to us that we have met the strictest standards of all German and European environmental regulations and we continually make improvements to our operations.

Emissions detrimental to the environment are eliminated; CFCs have long been a matter of the past.

Strict disposal plans have been developed and especially the comprehensive protection of our employees is a main priority.

Here you can download our DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 Certificate as a PDF:

  • Vision

    We always focus on the person in all our activities.
    Whether a customer, member of staff, supplier or consultant, people always represent our top priority.

  • Mission

    We realise even the most difficult requests of our customers.

  • Process Management

    The optimisation of operational mechanisms, the improvement of production work-flows are understood to faced as a continuous challenge by our company.

  • Employees

    Young motivated junior employees, experienced senior staff, highly qualified experts, optimally trained employees: we are proud of our staff.

  • Production

    We manufacture our products on 1,200 m² of production area in 1 hall and store raw materials and customer-owned tools in a well-secured separate hall.

  • Environment

    It is self-evident that we have met the strictest standards of all German and European environmental regulations.

  • Certification

    As early as 1997, we obtained certification according to the standards for a quality management system, currently in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.


A Universal Player: on land, in water and in the air – polyurethane foam accompanies people wherever they go.


A claim for which we stand and by which we are judged.


Our close connection to the customer and steady presence – these are not just catchwords, but crucial factors in our work.

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